Dog food & other products recommended by us! The traditional best guard dog breeds may well have had their day, at least in the UK. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and will protect them no matter what! Help us by answering a short survey. They are incredibly loyal and courageous, never afraid to defend what they consider to be their territory. Staffordshire Terriers have earned themselves an unjust reputation for being a bit ferocious. These are the some of the best guard dogs for a family with … If you’re in search for the perfect child friendly dog then look no further. As its name suggests, it’s really a mixture of two breeds, the mastiff and the bulldog. If you're are considering adopting or buying a family dog that would make a great guard too, the list above will give you some idea of which breed of dog to look for. In order to provide you with a starting point, we want to introduce you to some of the best-recognised guard dog breeds. You can even get a German gundog – the Weimaraner – that doubles as a guard dog: it was developed in the Weimar Republic for both hunting and guarding. Conversely, trained GSDs sell for significant sums of money. These animals have two jobs: first, to act as 24-7 bodyguards for their owners and their families, detecting and assessing threats and responding appropriately; and second, to be great companions. Here is our top 7 best dog breeds with children. They need a very firm hand when they are being taught things which needs to be done consistently so as not to confuse them – they are not the best choice for first time dog owners because of this. The Miniature American Shepherd is a popular, medium-sized dog in the herding family. Personal Protection Dogs. The latter is probably the best guard dog’s most important attribute: it is essential that any dog employed for guarding understands its job, and never frightens or threatens its master or mistress, family members or employees. She’s like a little pit bull when she bites.” Most people would clearly prefer not to find this out. Check Our Protection Dogs for Sale New Page Personal Protection Dogs At TOTAL K9 ®, we provide personal protection dogs for sale anywhere in the UK.. We have a goal: To ensure that every dog we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. Akitas are one of the most loyal dogs. The German Shepard is widely recognized as a symbol for a guard dog. Pure-bred mastiffs were too slow, while bulldogs – very different in appearance from the dogs we know today – were ferocious and apparently a little too keen on getting stuck into the poacher. A big, powerful dog is a formidable adversary, and invariably equipped with a set of serious teeth. Our personal and family protection dogs are trained to the highest possible standards. Looking for free pet advice for your Dog? Sammy will easily fit in with any family and will protect . However, they are wonderful family pets that on the one hand are gentle giants but on the other will protect the people they love without a second thought. © Copyright - (2005 - 2021) - Pet Media Ltd. What is the difference between a guard dog and a watch dog? They do make great watch dogs, but all Staffordshire Terriers  need to be well trained and socialised from a very early age so they become happy well-balanced dogs that are a pleasure to be around. He used a variety of types, including the rottweiler, German shorthaired pointer, great dane and even greyhound. Many people seeking a guard dog would be better off with a watchdog – one that makes a great deal of noise when it spots an intruder, but is unlikely to attack. They can be a little bit shy around people they don't know however but they are loyal and very affectionate dogs when they are with their owners, so much so a Kuvasz loves to sit leaning on their owner's legs whenever they can! The doberman has never been as popular as the rottweiler here, as either a guard dog or a pet, though its current registration figures are only a little behind those of the rottweiler. The Editor’s 12 top tips for grouse shooting, Fly-fishing in Patagonia: a Chilean adventure, American heiresses: hunting, the haunt of the man-eating Delilah, Sea-trout fishing: becoming obsessed with the dark arts. Its website explains: “When mature, the rottweiler is a strong, very demanding, somewhat arrogant animal, with a highly developed guarding instinct. 12 top tips for the new season. Though I have never seen a GSD in the shooting field, I have seen a number of rottweilers working to the gun. German Shepherds are natural guard dogs. However, the government is now tightening up the legislation, and this may well affect the use of guard dogs. We have one of the widest selections of fully trained adult dog breeds. A ratio of 40% bulldog to 60% mastiff was found to be the most satisfactory: an adult male might weigh as much as 18st and measure 27in at the withers. They are always prepared to look after their owners and their property. The guidance on these new powers states that “having a reasonable excuse is a defence for failing to comply with a PSPO”; that “ PSPOs are not intended to restrict the normal activities of working dogs” and that “these activities are not envisaged to meet the threshold for the making of a PSPO. The German shepherd is one of the most popular guard dogs. It also has a sound reputation as a reliable family companion and loyal guardian. The German Shepherd is a confident, fearless breed that lives to please its owner. If the handler isn’t present, the dog must be secured and not allowed to wander. And you are unlikely to have to worry about dog theft prevention. Other suitable breeds include the Rottweiler, Belgium Malinois, Giant Schnauzer, Boxer, and Great Dane. Though smaller than some of the other guard dogs, Appenzeller Sennenhunds still make a great guard dog pick due to their agility and energy. The rottweiler’s popularity here peaked in 1989, when more than 10,000 puppies were registered, but today it is in sharp decline. Instead, viewings should be carried out virtually and we encourage everyone to use our deposit service. Protection occurs on a number of different levels, so breeders and trainers use a variety of different terms to describe the varying levels of protection a given dog is expected and willing to provide.. For example, most dogs – whether 5-pound Chihuahua or 150-pound mastiff – will bark when a stranger knocks on the door. We travel EVERY WEEK searching for the next best dogs to train and sell. Most terriers will undertake the job satisfactorily, as will dachshunds and miniature poodles. For a long time the Rottweiler has been used to guard properties which is hardly surprising because they are highly intelligent, and they are very brave with it. More information at the end of the article. It is not suited to being shut up in a kennel for long periods. An active and highly intelligent dog, the doberman is liable to get into trouble if it is not exercised enough and fails to receive sufficient mental stimulation. £3,500. It banned guard dogs from patrolling premises without handlers. In my opinion he is one of the best examples ever to be imported to the UK… The mighty bull mastiff would deter even the craftiest of burglars. The best personal protection dogs are guided by intensive training, instinct, and a set of verbal and physical commands from their owners. There is no reason why a properly conducted hunt should fall foul of these new powers, nor should these be capable of being used by those hostile to hunting or other activities involving working dogs if the law and accompanying guidance is followed. Check out the best guard dog breeds: 1. A written warning must be issued before a CPN is issued. This loyal, intelligent, and capable working dog is a perfect choice for families who are looking for a real guard dog that would protect his human family. If the dog is off its lead, its handler must be present at all times. Another wonderfully proud breed of dog, the Doberman has for decades been one of the most popular breeds that people choose to have as guard dogs in most countries on the planet. Bandit. The best guard dog breeds are fearsome and formidable. Bred for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, this courageous and alert dog breed is naturally suspicious toward strangers. Strange though it may be, even armed intruders have rights, and are largely free to go about their unlawful business without the risk of dog attack. The Great Dane is some of largest dog breeds that exist today. Another wonderfully proud breed of dog, the Doberman has for decades been one of the most popular breeds that people choose to have as guard dogs in most countries on the planet. Imperial Food. Bad hips are a serious concern, while the demands of the show-bench have led to dogs that have sloping backs and weak back legs, and so are no longer fit for the purpose. Its bark may be even more of a deterrent than its bite, as all thieves like to work undisturbed. Obedience-training is essential for bull-mastiff puppies, and owners will tell you they must be taught to walk to heel on the lead at an early age. The breed was created to be an intelligent working animal, tasked with herding, tracking and carrying messages in … These are designed for “low-level” incidents including failing to control a dog and includes causing nuisance to other people or animals. Partridge shooting tips. Below is a list of 10 breeds that are renowned for the prowess at being the greatest guard dogs ever. Our dogs are much more than your average family guard dogs for sale. Here's AKC's list of the best guard dog breeds. However, almost all modern Airedales have been bred as pets or for the show-ring, so finding one with a suitable temperament for guard work is likely to be a considerable challenge. How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy? The Kuvasz is a natural when it comes to protecting things. The watch dog’s function ends here; a guard dog is capable of attacking, or restraining the intruder. Five things you need to be aware of if you want to own a dog from a recognised guarding breed, More About the Charming and Loyal Carpathian Sheepdog, Recognising Different Types of Aggression in Dogs. However, they are known to be incredibly loyal dogs which means they usually only display any aggression when they believe their owners are being threatened. She was trained as a personal protection dog and her new owner said the assets he valued were her “speed, smartness and quickness – and you would not believe the roughness that she has inside. They make it their mission to protect whatever property they are trained to guard and they do it really very well! Rotties need to be trained and well socialised from a very early age so they are well balanced characters when they are older. For: great family dog, and likes children. The guidance suggests that ABCs can be used where behaviour could escalate into more serious incident but does not does not currently meet any statutory thresholds for formal powers. A summary of some of the provisions is given below. After the sale of your protection dog, we spend 3-5 days with you and your family to help transition and understand the training as well as answering any questions you have. The Saint Bernard. The Bullmastiff is another breed that is right up there with the best when it comes to guarding people and their property. Few of the best guard dog breeds can rival the intelligence of the German shepherd (GSD), which explains why it has long been a favourite with police, army and security forces around the world. So how to choose from the best guard dog breeds? It is not difficult to see why. Together, let’s explore the top 10 best guard dogs and which breed may be the best guard dog for your family. Your dog WILL act on command - we've successfully trained thousands of dogs. The best guard dogs breeds are still top of the list for deterring burglars, even in the age of lasers and closed circuit television. Shop by best-selling brands. A Golden Retriever will never let his human family down. Your dog is trained in public, with strangers, in dangerous scenarios & we repeat this with you. It would never waver in its devotion to protecting you and your family from threats, as it … Credit: Alamy. Never display this message again. What was needed was a dog with a good enough nose to track an intruder through the woods at night and the ability to charge and knock him down, and then hold him until the keeper arrived. This is to allow the owner of the dog the opportunity to address any concerns before a CPN is issued. They are extremely intelligent, very protective and yet wonderful around children. He will be allowed home with the lucky new owners for short brakes to aid bonding while he is being trained at the academy. Unfortunately, these dogs have to contend with numerous health problems, ranging from hip dysplasia to bloating, and are also prone to cancer. A perfect blend of security and companionship, a Chaperone K9 is trained to accompany you and your family in to any social situation or environment. Akitas will keep watch over you and your family at all times. Then leave your comments. We also made a list of 15 smartest dogs which you might find interesting. Pulis are very intelligent and by nature, they are quite suspicious of strangers which makes them great guard dogs. The list below will show you some of the highly recommended family guard dogs. None was anything like as good as the average labrador, but the fact that they were prepared to retrieve game, and could do so without damage, says a lot about the breed and its versatility. Today the breed standard still insists on a “powerfully built, symmetrical dog, showing great strength, but not cumbersome”. It is the athlete of the guard dog world, origin-ally developed in late 19th-century Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector who also ran the local dog pound, and used the breeds he had available to produce the ideal animal to protect him as he made his rounds. Shop by best-selling products. Most have similar attributes: imposing size, impressive physique, intimidating appearance and, above all, intelligence. Throughout history, one of the main jobs of domesticated dogs has been to protect their owners and guard against unwanted people or animals.